Geode-GEM 0.10.3 - Gracie

After one year without any update, a new minor release of Geode-GEM is available.

To install this new version, refer to the installation page.

gem-0.10.3.tar.xz (sha256)

GEM is now available on pypi website. You can install it with use the pip command:

pip install geode-gem==0.10.3

What's new?

This update fix some problems and allow the user to inactivate the game tooltip:

  • When a game was selected, select another console in the sidebar causing a little delay (2-3 seconds).
  • In the Drag & Drop dialog, when a game extension was managed by multiple consoles, it's possible to choose the correct console for each game. In the previous release, when a console was selected in the combobox, it was not possible to reset games selection without change console and reselect the previous console.
  • The lock manager was revamp to be more efficient. This manager did not any longer rely to procfs filesystem, which means it can (hypothetically) be used in any operating system where Python 3 and GTK+3 are available.
  • It's now possible to hide the game tooltip. An option is available in preferences dialog.
  • Translations have been reviewed for both English and French languages, thanks to Pingax!

What's next?

Now this release is available, I can focus on the 0.11.0 version.

The project will be cleanup and refactorized to be easily hackable and more flexible when the time to migrate to GTK4 will come.