I've started GEM in may 2015 as a little project to improve my knowledges with Python language and the GTK+ library. The goal was to manage all my emulators in the same interface.

It's the same approch as Gelide which was a great inspiration source.

During september 2016, I've rewrite all the application to use Python 3 and GTK+3. This changes allow to think of some new way to show the games informations.

During june 2017, I've started to work on GEM API. The goal was to separate the engine and the interface, to allow developper to write alternative clients.

This project grown up in october 2018 with the project Geode, which going to replace the old legacy API in GEM 0.11.


  • Configure emulators easily
  • Customize game starting process
  • Import a lot of games at once
  • Quick games loading even on old hardware
  • Simple interface


GEM is a free and libre software available under GNU/GPLv3 license.

Consoles icons come from Evan-Amos' gallery and are available under the Public domain license.